Three-Dimensional Reading

Discover the innovative method to triple your study and work speed

The 3D Reading Method is right for you if:

  • You’re a professional who needs to stay constantly up-to-date, and you realize the difficulties in managing all aspects of your work

  • You study in high school or university, and you are interested in learning to study in less than 1/5 of the time, retaining about twice the information you acquire with a traditional study method

  • Study and/or work oppresses you, and you feel a strong need to organize your life in a new way to reach a condition of greater freedom

  • You are already skilled in what you do, but you can’t handle the anxiety produced by the great amount of work you are subjected to, to the point of having to choose reluctantly between work and family

  • You are someone who believes that the development of your own personal culture is fundamental, but you don’t have time to devote to it

Structure of the 3D Reading Online Course

The online course of Three-Dimensional Reading consists of theoretical explanations on the functioning of the human mind and professional videos of all the techniques that compose the method. Furthermore, if you buy the online course you’ll get to join a 3-day workshop for free – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

How does the 3D Reading Method work?

The 3D Reading method consists of 5 distinct techniques that will be analyzed in detail during the online course:

  • Photo reading, which is the most advanced reading system currently known.

  • Self-hypnosis, which allows a very intense focus on just a single idea, word or image.

  • Relaxation, which comes in handy to us during all the preparatory phases of the method.

  • Mental Dynamics, which shows the working mechanisms of the human mind in a theoretical and practical way.

  • NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The method is extremely practical, since there is always a session of exercises after each theoretical explanation, and its main aim, at least during an initial phase, is to make you acquire a divergent view.

The moment you learn to acquire a divergent view (and everyone does it, don’t worry!), you are ready to learn how to use functions that are already active inside you, but that you have never consciously used in your life. During the online course you will discover that the 3D Reading method, initially conceived only for reading and studying, will actually help you for many other things, including:

  • The development of your intuition, whereby you will be able to find solutions to life’s problems more easily and creatively.

  • Acquiring a higher sensitivity in the relationship with yourself and with others.

  • The awareness that those mental limits that you had placed on yourself in certain areas of life, can actually be largely overcome.

  • You will learn how to effectively use the power of your deep mind (or unconscious mind) that will allow you to predict certain future events without having had any apparent clues.

  • Different moments experienced during your childhood will re-emerge within you, of which you had no reminiscence, and in general all the in-formation you have acquired during your life will be totally reorganized.

The Main Questions on the Method

Can it be applied in all cases?

The 3D Reading method is applicable, indifferently, to humanistic or scientific subjects, as well as subjects of any professional sector.
This is made possible by the fact that our deep mind is able to fully understand the contents of a book, and not just mechanically take in its information.

After reading a book in 3D Reading, not only will you have the distinct feeling of knowing its contents perfectly, but you will also know how to connect the concepts and ideas ex-pressed in a very precise and detailed way.

Is it sure I can absorb all the information?

Unlike what happens with any other method of fast reading, as well as with all the traditional reading methods, thanks to the 3D Reading method the information contained in a book is not retained by your rational mind, which by its nature is inaccurate and limited, but they are stored in your deep mind.

The deep mind is a huge data “storage”, ready to give back to the rational mind all the information and concepts it needs, as long as it is possible to connect these two parts of ours.

The biggest work that is done during the Three-Dimensional Reading online course lies precisely in allowing you to create a bridge, called “neuronal bridge”, between your deep or unconscious mind and your rational mind. In this way you can be sure of being able to bring out any data or idea contained in the book you have photo-read.

What kind of results can you obtain, and how quickly?

At the beginning you will already see your reading speed doubled, if not three-fold, while later on you will have the opportunity to experience the effectiveness of the technique with a series of practical exercises that will literally leave you speechless. Afterwards, you will get the full consolidation of the 3D Reading method in a time ranging from a few days to a few weeks thanks to the tutorials that your tutor will give you.

Very important: During your exam sessions you will have a tutor always available for you, to make sure that you have applied the method consistently and accurately.

Enlightening experience! It would have been nice to know these things 20 years ago. It would be nice to let the new generations know that there is something else out there, compared to what is offered today.

Sara C.

A must-try experience, exciting results. The intuitive mnemonic aspect is discovered and historical memories are accessed. It’s like turning on a light bulb in a dark, forgotten storage. THANK YOU

Sergio M.

Absolutely extraordinary and fundamental to grow, evolve and regain the right dimension of time. For those who can not swim, staying afloat seems impossible, for those who can do it, it is a normal thing: 3D reading is just like that!

Carlo M. D.

Only by participating and believing in it, can one understand that the “miracles” are very tangible and real! This course must “LIVED” … Thanks and see you soon!

Stefania F.

A wonderful opportunity that everyone should have available. The technique saves a lot of time!

Pietro D. T.

Super! I was fully satisfied with both the teaching and the teachers. I really liked the way I was motivated to study and the teaching method.

Marco C.

This course was the most useful thing I could ever attend during my studies. It gave me so much confidence in myself and in my abilities.

Andrea C.

The idea is that after three days you leave knowing how to read a book in an hour. The reality is that after three days you leave knowing that you know nothing about yourself and your real potential. When you enter you’re a loser, with wrong expectations, and when you leave you’re superhero apprentice.

Federico F.

The Teachers of the 3D Reading Online Course

Filippo Rossi

For over 25 years Filippo Rossi has been Coach and Master Trainer of reference for many professionals who have taken advantage of his ideas, techniques and advice to improve the quality of their life, their work or their study. He has obtained all the national and international certifications in the various sectors of communication (NLP, S.D.P. Systems, I.N.A., etc.).

Creator of the three-dimensional reading method, for several years he has offered courses in communication, evolutionary pedagogy, development of human potential, and works with school children of all levels with the aim of helping them become, one day, the best men and women.

Anna Conte

Graduated in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights at the University of Padua, Anna is the Tutor of the Three-Dimensional Reading course.

Her ongoing studies on the functioning of the human mind and on advanced learning methods have allowed her to obtain excellent results in her studies.

Thanks to the 3D Reading method, in fact, she managed to give 10 exams during the 2017 summer session, and 8 exams within a month during the February 2018 session, graduating on March 21st after preparing the thesis in just over 2 days.

Today she helps students and professionals to consolidate the various phases of the method and to better prepare them for their exams, tenders and masters. Her dream is to transmit everything she has learned to children and young people of all ages, so that they can become more aware of their abilities and talents.