3D Reading

Discover the transformational journey that will revolutionise your approach to studying and learning.

Learn to develop your hidden talents and achieve excellence in every area of your life!

WHO is the 3D Reading Method for?

We live in an age of rapid and continuous change: adapting is essential, but leading change is even more powerful.

Change Your Life Leadership is an exploratory journey to discover human potential.

This journey of awareness guides us to deeply understanding how we function as individuals and how we can develop the capabilities hidden in our hearts and minds.

The Core of our Programme

The core of our programme is the 3D Reading method, which integrates the latest neuroscientific research with established NLP techniques, mental dynamics, relaxation, concentration and accelerated learning.

This method enhances the intuitive mind, allowing information to be assimilated at least 4-5 times faster, significantly improving understanding and connection between concepts.

In 2024, to be an intuitive and quick problem solver, who knows how to optimise his or her time and can seize new opportunities for career and personal development, is to be a person of huge value!

Our goal is to deeply understand your expectations and motivations to provide you with a customized learning journey suitable for your needs.

Reviews & Testimonials

The course is very good and informative. The method is very fascinating and will help me achieve my objectives. The teacher was very patien and knoeldgeble with lots of advice – good advice.

All the staff members were very good, happy, helpful and very knowledgeable.

Pravin P.

The course was simply great, interesting and life-changing.

The teacher was truly fantastic. Staff members were brilliant.

Gerald O.

I think the course was great, I loved learning the method, but it was also very intensive.

Teachers were great and everything they explained was very clear. Staff members were very friendly and great!

Thys L.

Our goal is to deeply understand your expectations and motivations to provide you with a customized learning journey suitable for your needs.

The Transformation of the 3D Reading Method

Understanding in depth how our ‘man-machine’ works and how our mind functions

(how the rational mind and the intuitive mind work, how memory works…)

Developing those hidden talents contained in the heart and mind of every human being

(we will use the latest neuroscientific discoveries as well as the teachings of the Great Masters of the past)

Become a Leader of Yourself, seize all opportunities in Life and shape your own Destiny!

(you will become a Professional in all areas of your interest)

Read, study and learn 4-5 times faster

(saving hours of TIME every single day when working and studying)

Remember the information in the long term

(for months and years!)

Learn/perfect a FOREIGN LANGUAGE in a few weeks

(even if you start from SCRATCH and you are not good at languages)

Pass exams and get certifications 5 times quicker…

(without feeling anxious, stressed and tired…)

Acquire abilities and know-how in any are of knowledge

(even if the topic is complex or totally new to you…)

Exprience in a BALANCED WAY your work, study, family and personal growth…

(you will no longer have to CHOOSE one or the other, but will have the TIME to focus on what matters…)
Our goal is to deeply understand your expectations and motivations to provide you with a customized learning journey suitable for your needs.

The Change Your Life Leadership Programme

3 days of intensive in-person training

(How the human mind really works, techniques to acquire a high level of concentration, techniques for deep and lasting relaxation, NLP techniques and mental dynamics, how to learn at maximum speed + lots of practical exercises!)

1 Month Training

You will consolidate and perfect the method you have learnt, guided by continuous support via our online platform and a dedicated app.

(You will read 3 books per week devoting approximately 3-4 hours per week for 4 weeks)

What do you need to do to become a Self-leader?

First of all, it is important to understand how we function, how our mind works…

Among the various types of mind recognised, an interesting distinction is that between the rational or superficial mind, a comparative, logical mind that can retain and compare a few pieces of information at a time; and the deep or intuitive mind that contains and processes so much information in a few seconds.

The moment we learn to use our deep mind effectively, we already have the information at our disposal and we ‘only’ have to find a way to bring it out of us, to bring it to the conscious level.

The attention span of your superficial or rational mind is limited and infinitely small compared to the capacity of your intuitive mind to hold and process information.

The intuitive mind keeps working while we are doing chores, while we are going to work, while we are with our family and children, it even keeps working while we are asleep.

So, what is the point of using only your conscious mind for your entire life, that is, only the mind you identify with every day, every moment?

Imagine what it would be like to be able to effectively use your intuitive mind, a mind already active in you that is extremely more powerful than your rational mind!

If educated, your intuitive mind for example has no difficulty in reading a 200-page book in less than 1 hour, in preparing for an exam in 3-4 days, in learning a foreign language in a few weeks, and in achieving a whole series of results that may seem absurd to those who are not familiar with these concepts.

What needs to be done to consolidate this ability?

One must be able to connect the intuitive mind with the rational mind, and make them work together.

This is the purpose of the 3D Reading.

Training Courses
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Course Location

The initial 3 days of the Revolutionary Awareness Path in 3D Reading take place in London:

Additional Tools at your disposal

Tool #1

Online Training Portal (+dedicated APP)

Tool #2

Ongoing Tutoring

A team of experts is at your disposal to provide personalised assistance, solve doubts, and help you overcome challenges in your learning journey.
With ongoing tutor support, you will achieve your personal and professional goals and most importantly, you will never feel alone again!

Tool #3

Customising the Path

You will have many tools at your disposal that will allow you to tailor learning to your needs, set personal goals and monitor your progress on an ongoing basis.

Tool #4

Interaction and Community

An interactive platform will be available to you where you can share your successful stories, ask questions, and draw inspiration from the experiences of other participants, creating a sense of community and mutual support.

the BIGGEST obstacles

…of your academic, professional and personal life!

Our goal is to deeply understand your expectations and motivations to provide you with a customized learning journey suitable for your needs.

The Founder

Filippo Rossi

Founder of the Three-Dimensional Reading Method

After graduating from high school, Dr. Rossi studied Medicine and Surgery in Padua (Italy) and during his academic studies he obtained all national and international certifications in the fields of Communication, Organisation and Corporate Strategy.

His training includes the study and application of NLP, Mental Dynamics, INA and SDP methods, DHE, etc…

He had the chance to work as a business consultant for several high-profile companies helping them get the most of their business through cutting-edge strategies and organisational tools.

During 20 years of research, he devised a unique and innovative Accelerated Learning Method called ‘Three-Dimensional Reading’, combining the most advanced neuroscience discoveries on the functioning of the brain and ancient teachings.

In 2012 he started teaching the Three-Dimensional Reading and year after year he taught more and more learners how to unlock the power of their brains successfully, reading hundreds of pages in a short period of time and getting at least 80% of the content.

Our Team 

Anna Conte

International Lecturer

Graduated in Political Science, International Relations and Human Rights from the University of Padua, Dr. Anna Conte is the first Lecturer of the Three-Dimensional Reading course.

Her continuous studies on the functioning of the human mind and the advanced learning methods have enabled her to achieve excellent results in her studies.
In fact, thanks to the Three-Dimensional Reading method, she managed to pass 10 exams in the 2017 summer exam session, then she was able to prepare for 8 exams in just one month in the February 2018 exam session, graduating on 21 March after preparing her thesis in less than a week.
Today, she helps hundreds and hundreds of students and professionals every year to master the Three-Dimensional Reading method to better prepare for their exams, competitions and masters.
Her dream is to pass on everything she has learned to children and young people of all ages so that they can become more aware of their abilities and talents.

Sharon Rombaldoni

International Lecturer

While cultivating her passion for expressive contemporary dance, in 2014 she graduated from the Scientific High School in Pesaro (Italy) and immediately began her research in the education and training field.

She attends training courses in the artistic and professional field in the most important cities in Italy, trying to answer a very precise inner question: “what do I really want to do when I grow up?”. And it was precisely at that time that she met Filippo Rossi in Padua.

She attended his training courses, in particular the ONISON Consciousness Evolution School, and from that moment on, her life has been in constant evolution.

Sharon Rombaldoni has been teaching the Three-Dimensional Reading along with other disciplines as the “Meditation of Presence”, meeting hundreds of attendees every month. She has a very clear idea of what she wants to do: to dedicate her whole life to the “AND Academy” project for the development of a new educational model to be given to all teachers and young people of the third millennium.


Giacomo Gregori

Lecturer and Tutors’ Manager

Giacomo Gregori, a psychologist specialising in Learning Disorders (SLDs), is the tutor in charge of the 3D Reading method.

With a deep understanding of cognitive challenges, Giacomo uses his background in psychology to tailor learning strategies so that each participant can get the most out of the course. His strategic and personalised approach to learning problems makes him an indispensable mentor for overcoming academic and professional obstacles.

He later became a tutor of the 3D Reading method, helping thousands of participants achieve their professional, academic and personal goals by putting his talents and knowledge at the service of others.

This path led him to become a Lecturer of the method and today he travels all over Europe teaching 3D Reading to adults and young people of all ages, sharing how to unlock their talents and achieve extraordinary results in every area of their lives.

Mattia Francesco Rossi

International Lecturer

At the young age of 6, Mattia Francesco Rossi embarked on an extraordinary journey in the Three-Dimensional Reading Method, learning directly from his father, Filippo Rossi.

This early experience was not just a learning adventure, but laid the foundation for a successful career.

By the age of just 14, Mattia began to make a name for himself as a talented video-maker, combining this passion with rigorous studies. His academic journey, alongside a four-year scientific high school, was enriched by attending courses at international universities such as Michigan State University, Imperial College London, and the University of California, where he explored areas like NLP, emotional intelligence, neurobiology, creative thinking, and problem-solving.

His commitment deepened further with participation in the “Professional Master Training”, an intensive program that included studies in interpersonal communication, advanced NLP techniques, mental dynamics, and public speaking.

Today, as an expert trainer in communication techniques, Mattia has led several courses for teachers and educators with the project “Communicating with Children and Teenagers”.

Axel Rombaldoni

International Lecturer

Son of art, Axel started playing chess already at the age of 4.

His career is studded with successes reaching in 2013 the recognition as Grandmaster and in 2014 he obtained the title of Italian Chess Champion.

He was trained by Filippo and specialised in Communication and NLP and created an ambitious project aimed especially at young people, called “Educating with chess”, to utilise the game of chess as an educational and personal growth tool.

Some of the Hundreds of Reviews of 3D Readers

Our goal is to deeply understand your expectations and motivations to provide you with a customized learning journey suitable for your needs.