The 3-day in-person course

Three-Dimensional Reading

1. Friday

The first day is dedicated to introductory exercises to learning the method, in particular you will learn and consolidate the ability to use peripheral gaze, also called divergent look. This ability is fundamental in order to learn the Method itself.

  • How our minds work: the rational mind and the intuitive mind
  • Explanation of the method: how the method works, the steps of the method
  • Exercises on peripheral vision: practical exercises to use the gaze in a new way
  • How is our mind structured and organised?

2. Saturday

During the second day we cover all the steps of the method, gaining theoretical and practical insights of every single part of it in detail.

  • Theoretical and practical learning of the first two phases of the Method
  • How Memory truly Works 
  • Technique for getting full concentration
  • Theoretical and practical learning of phases 3 and 4 of the Method
  • Reading the first book with the Three-Dimensional Reading Method
  • Relaxation Technique to free the mind

3. Sunday

After developing the divergent gaze and covered all the parts of the method with many practical sessions, it’s time to read our 2 extra books with the method – so exciting!

  • Reading the second book with the Three-Dimensional Reading Method
  • Technique of Reading at Full Speed
  • Reading of the third book with the Three-Dimensional Reading Method
  • Conclusions and instructions for mastering the method during the following 4 weeks

Here is an archive of photos and videos from the latest 3D Reading courses in London:

...And on the last day you will receive your

"Three-Dimensional Reader'" certificate!

3D Reading Programme

Learn to read 300 pages in 1 hour, remembering the content in the long term.
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