Dr. Diana Mancigotti explains in 3 training videos…

How to become at least 5 times faster, more intuitive and more effective in study and work

(learning at the rate of 200 pages per hour)

eliminating everything that blocks you from achieving your life goals.

Results of those who learned the Method:

I found it very fascinating, useful, enlightening and I would recommend it to everyone.

Isabel M.

Beautiful, visionary, useful, clear.

Guglielmina D. V.

Stimulating, fascinating, it opens up on the truths of life known to the Masters of all times, available in a simple and practical way.

Gabriella B.

Who is Diana Mancigotti?

  • Language Coach for kids and adults.
  • Manager of the 3DR Master and Change Your Life Academy for The Bridge Educational Center.
  • Average reading speed: 395 pages an hour.

With my team…

  • We organise more than 63 events for professionals and students
  • We helped +3517 adults and +2830 young people to increase their brain efficiency in study and work

What you will discover in the 3 training videos:

📽️ VIDEO 1

 👤 Who is this for?

Is your reading method the only POSSIBLE one?

Have you ever wondered how Our brains really work?

📽️ VIDEO 2

💡 What is the Deep Mind?

How the Rational Mind Works and the Potential of the Deep Mind

Difference between Rational and Intuitive mind

 + EXERCISE to understand how we use them

📽️ VIDEO 3

🧠 What the Neuronal Bridge is…
+ Video testimonials

Not just a study method…

…a Path of Awareness and discovery of YOUR hidden Potential

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Discover the Transformation Path to Becoming the Leader of Yourself, develop your hidden talents, achieve excellence and shape your destiny!