Join the 3D Reading Revolution in London

…and turn your network into an unprecedented revenue opportunity

…with commissions (up to 20%) among the highest in the market, scalable and repeatable month after month

(BONUS: it includes free in-person training in London)

What is 3D Reading?

It’s the revolutionary Learning Method to read and improve x5 times your levels of
…and read and study at least 300 pages per hour…
(free from anxiety, stress and without getting stuck!)
(IMPORTANT: this has nothing to do with the classic speed reading and memory techniques!)

Welcome to the page dedicated to sales agents

With over 7 years of sales experience in the field of personal and professional training, our company is looking for dynamic and enterprising salespeople, with an extensive network of contacts, who would like to become part of an innovative project that is growing rapidly in the London area.

We operate in 4 different countries, including:

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🇪🇸 SPAIN – visit website
🇮🇹 ITALY – visit website

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What do the participants say after learning the 3D Reading method?

I had a productive call today with a client, it was about selecting new international group management software, related to my privacy/data protection work. Despite receiving the extensive details (249 pages) just before the call, I quickly (45 minutes) prepped and was able to recall all the key information, even more than the client. Feeling very energised by the successful meeting!

Before I discovered this method, studying for exams was a constant struggle. Now, with the techniques  I learned, I feel more relaxed and confident, and my marks have been positively affected.  The3D Method  saved my life as a student!

Our Offer

The Master’s programme in 3D Reading starts with an intensive 3-day training course in a 4 or 5 star hotel (including lunch – with vegetarian and a vegan option). During the course, the following topics will be covered in a theoretical and practical way:

➡️ Introduction to the intuitive mind
➡️ How the Human Mind REALLY Works
➡️ The 3D Reading method
➡️ How memory REALLY works
➡️ Technique for achieving high levels of concentration
➡️ Technique for deep relaxation
➡️ Reading, studying and learning at maximum speed
➡️ The “12 books in 30 days” Programme*

*The “12 books in 30 days” programme is mandatory and requieres to do exercises within the next 4 weeks following the in-person training.

In addition, participants will also have access to the following exclusive programmes

21 books in 21 days Programme

(you will master the method in an excellent way)

“Foreign Language Programme” lasting 6-8 weeks

(even if you start from SCRATCH or you are not good at languages)

Videos on training techniques and strategies

(so you can review the Method whenever you prefer after the course for 1 year)

1:1 Customised Coaching

(to be able to apply the method in every area of your life with confidence and effectiveness)

The Programme Cost

The 3D Reading Master Course costs between £2,000 and  £3,000.

NOTE: Client accommodation is not included in the cost of the package and is self-managed.

Commissions and BENEFITS for Sales Agents:

Read more about the commission structure and especially the requirements for joining our exclusive sales agents’ programme:

Commission Structure for Sellers

The commissions we offer, calculated on a QUARTERLY BASIS, are amongst the most competitive in the industry:

10% profit on the first 3 customer, calculated on a quarterly basis,
20% profit from the 4th customer onwards, on a quarterly basis, applied retroactively to all customers!
Immediate payment upon confirmation of the client’s enrolment or payment of the co-signatory deposit of £500
The client can confirm their enrolment by paying a deposit (which will not be refunded) at the time of enrolment and then will be able to make the balance of the course within the 15th day before the start of the course so they will have plenty of time to recover the money needed to participate.

Further Benefits

✅ Sales agents who enrol more than 5 customers on a quarterly basis will participate free of charge in an EXCLUSIVE TRAINING IN ITALY, with food and accommodation expenses fully covered by our Organisation.
✅ After enrolling 1 customer, you can participate in the Master’s Course in 3D Reading free of charge.
✅ For high-performing sales agents, dedicated support with a personal insider for special customer management is provided.

Requirements for Sales Agents:

Please read the requirements carefully to join our exclusive sellers programme:

👉 Participation in the Compulsory Free Training to be held in late March 2024* at the Hyatt Regency London Stratford Hotel (10A Chestnut Plaza, London E20 1GL, UK)

*Mandatory free training dates will be communicated to you by e-mail after you send your application

👉 Sales experience

👉 You need to live near London

👉 Excellent English  (at least C1)

👉 Autonomy in travelling

👉 An extensive network of contacts (both individual and corporate)

1. There is no fixed salary, but remuneration based on commissions among the most competitive in the industry.
2. The signing of exclusive contracts is not required.


Our commission structure is designed to reward you generously for your efforts. You will earn a significant percentage for each new attendee you enrol, with the possibility of increasing your income as you bring in more participants.

No, it is not necessary. We offer dedicated training for all promoters, regardless of their level of experience. Your passion and your Master’s knowledge are the most powerful tools at your disposal.

In addition to the sales techniques we shared in the previous email, we will provide you with ready-to-use marketing materials, tips on how to use social media for promotion and ongoing support from our team

No, there is no limit. The more people you sign up, the greater your income will be. We are here to support you in reaching and exceeding your goals.

Contact us directly by replying to this email or via the contact details provided on our website. We will be happy to guide you through the first steps and answer any other questions you may have.


Contact person: Mattia Francesco Rossi


Phone number: +44 7405 371975