Three-Dimensional Reading Course in London

2nd, 3rd. 4th of June 2023

Learn to read and study 300-page books in less than 1 hour, retaining 80% of the content. Become a professional in study, work and Life.

The result of over 25 years of research and tested by thousands of people in Italy, Switzerland, Spain and the UK, the Three-Dimensional Reading Path will enable you to read any type of text in at least 1/5 of the time.

Whether you are a student who needs to learn how to prepare for exams in a short period of time, a creative person who wants to develop your talents, or a professional who wants to increase the turnover of your business or find a new job opportunity to make a career, the Three-Dimensional Reading method is for you.

Start now on a path of awareness that will change your perspective on study, work and Life forever.

Who is the course for?

University Students

Are you fed up with studying slowly?
Are you looking for a way to overcome anxiety, stress and tension about your university exams and competitive exams?

Listen to Martina’s story to understand how you can learn to prepare for every exam in just a few days without feeling anxious or nervous.

Professionals and book lovers

Do you have a pile of books to study for your job and don’t know how to achieve your goals?
Or are you a creative person and wish to (re)build a career based on what you are passionate about?

Listen to Giulia’s story on how she is always learning new things and recreating her own business thanks to the method.

What is the structure of this path?

3-day on-site training, during which:

  • You will understand how the human mind works and your real abilities;
  • You will discover the difference between the rational mind and the intuitive mind and how these 2 minds can work together;
  • You will learn how to overcome your limiting beliefs about learning;
  • You will learn the 5 phases of the Three-Dimensional Reading method;
  • You will do lots of practical exercises to consolidate the 5 phases;
  • You will learn how to concentrate and not get distracted when reading and studying.

Video course and training online

After the 3-day on-site course, you will get access to our online training platform, where you will find videos rich in theoretical explanations on how the human mind works and professional videos of all the techniques that make up the course.

In addition, throughout the 4 weeks following the on-site course, you will be followed by an expert tutor who will help you apply the Three-Dimensional Reading method in the fields that interest you. This phase is crucial because you will develop incredible speed and efficiency with the tutor’s support.

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2nd, 3rd, 4th of June 2023


at the Three-dimensional reading course

Elisabetta’s results, 10 day after the course!

Enrico read 1 whole book in about 40 minutes.

Serena prepares a university exam in no more than 3 days.

The participant shares how this experience changed her perspective on life.

Elisabetta read more than 30 books in just 45 days.

Giuseppina says it goes far beyond reading!

Something completely new and revolutionary, worthy of being experienced with great enthusiasm.

Giampaolo Z.

Very interesting and stimulating. I’m thrilled to have participated in the course!

Marcella A.

Engaging, motivating, completed other courses I’ve attended in the past. I made the unknown known.

Marisa C.

I found it very fascinating, useful, enlightening and I would recommend it to everyone.

Isabel M.

Beautiful, visionary, useful, clear.

Guglielmina D. V.

Stimulating, fascinating, it opens up on the truths of life known to the Masters of all times, available in a simple and practical way.

Gabriella B.

I think that in perspective it can improve the reality in which we live, the society in which we live, the state in which we live, the world in which we live. The course digs a lot and helps you by raising awareness.

Luca B.

Stimulating, fascinating, it opens up on the truths of life known to the Masters of all times, available in a simple and practical way.

Gabriella B.

Very interesting, it allowed me to learn a new system to use the mind in a more effective and productive way.

Alessandro C.

Fantastic, it opened up my mind to new ideas and sparked my desire to do something new. In addition, the method itself is amazing and inspires you to take action in your life, which makes the difference..

Stefano L.

The course is useful to increase the speed of learning new subjects and everything that stimulates your curiosity.

Devis B.

A path of awareness that made me discover the potential we can exploit not to live asleep. It was what I was looking for at the moment..

Samuele T.


I strongly believe that this is a path to be promoted at all ages. I think that connecting to your deep intuitive mind is the turning point for maturity that humanity needs in this particular historical moment.

Luca N.

The course is stimulating, engaging and concrete. What seems absurd, surreal or unbelievable at the beginning quickly takes shape under the expert guidance of the teacher.

Roberta V.

Thanks to this course, first of all I have met beautiful and interesting people, each with their own story and desires. I was also able to learn better how not only our physical body works, but also the etheric part, the energy that flows through us. I am truly grateful for the method I learned. I am sure that from now on a new reality will open up to me, where the old Anna is forgiven and left in the past. I feel curious and enthusiastic to seize all the new opportunities coming with this new method.

Anna A.

I strongly believe that this is a path to be promoted at all ages. I think that connecting to your deep intuitive mind is the turning point for maturity that humanity needs in this particular historical moment..

Debora C.

I found it very interesting and exciting, despite my personal struggles. I’m sure that from now on my life will change..

Svetlana Z.

I really enjoyed this 3-day seminar: I was looking for tools to make the most of my potential and I think I found them. Now keep growing is up to me.

Anna F.

I really liked the vitality of this course. My biggest concern was focusing on a single book for a whole day, but I was happily surprised.

Francesca P.

Extremely useful and interesting, I would even say engaging in some ways. I think it’s one of the two most important courses I’ve attended so far.

Stefano P.

I am thrilled! I go home with a very valuable tool that I can implement tomorrow! Finally a real support for my projects!

Roberta C.

I learned very important and useful knowledge not only for implementing the technique for fast and effective reading, but also because it can be applied to other areas of life.

Francesca B.

Outstanding. I came here with no expectations but with a great desire to improve myself in order to live a better life and be an example to others. I knew that the method works but now I want to master it in everyday life.

Antonella S.

The course is inspiring and built on solid foundations. It requires constant practice, determination and self-confidence. I feel supported. It is a unique opportunity for growth, human value, freedom.

Mauro S.