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The course is an opportunity for growth, a real asset that will surely be useful to my family and me. For me, this course is well-structured and with crucial insights is just the beginning. Thank you.

Michela G.

For me this course was like going to another planet, and it’s as if a man in the 1920s had been told that man can go to the moon and that it’s fantastic and possible. I think a wonderful new world full of possibilities has opened up to me.

Emanuela P.

A course that opens many doors, not only for the 3D reading but for a wider knowledge of oneself. Man’s vision changes and is enriched with perceptions and knowledge. I know I learned a lot and will learn a lot more by applying the technique. Thank you very much.

Andrea D.

Super cool! I would recommend it to all people who want more from their lives and themselves. Three intense days full of emotions. I would like to attend another seminar to share this experience with other people. I desire to learn and discover more and more about who I am. Thank you for everything. You are lovely people

Arianna C.

I found it bizarre. It was very different from what I expected. However, I was impressed because Filippo was able to talk about me, my problems and my concerns without knowing me. This helped me trust myself to to learn the technique. It was a regenerating experience.

Enrico M.

I am very happy to have followed it, both because it was an excellent opportunity and encouragement to reflect on certain aspects, certain dynamics and certain skills that can be developed, but above all because I learned a technique that I do not consider only of reading, but of more general personal activation, which is strongly connected to self-awareness.

Patrizia C.

Useful and enlightening, reminded me that I have unlimited abilities, all I need to do is trust myself and experiment. I want to recommend this course to everyone I know who shows the will to grow.

Laura V.

It is an exceptional course for everything that is explained, especially everything that is integrated with life teachings.

Francesco S.

Very useful, amazing, I learned things I didn’t know and I have known things that will be very useful in my life.

Marco M.

It is a string of strong emotions, you understand that you are different from what you were led to believe, thank you very much, what is taught makes us the same, but different. The things done with the heart are the best.

Simona G.

I’m speechless. This teaching that you have transmitted over these days is for me immense to explore and bring to an infinite level, I want to continue my ongoing journey with you, thank you.

Massimo B.

Beautiful experience, very useful for students, it made me want to re-enroll at university, I recommend it to everyone, great tool, thank you all, I hope to repeat the experience and deepen it.

Natalina M.

It has totally changed my outlook on life, I came across it at the right time, I feel like a higher version of myself.

Davide M.

A reading course, but perhaps it’s more than that. It opens up a world of possibilities of perceiving and seizing the opportunities offered to us.

Antonio P.

An enlightening course full of insights, the transmitted knowledge went far beyond the three-dimensional reading, thank you.

Giuseppina R.

Thank you. It opened up a new world to me. Good course structure, training time, breaks and the system that teaches and transforms much more than we consciously think it does.

Silvana S.

It’s a course that makes you realise that until now, you were someone who didn’t know how to use any function of your brain and helps you use it more effectively. Thank you!

Mattia F.

It’s the end of the world. You gave me the possibility of being unstoppable. I no longer see obstacles in front of me. It’s an indescribable emotion, thank you.

Monica L.

Enlightening course, gives many insights into growth both at a personal level and reading level. I highly recommend it to anyone because it makes you understand that you can reach unimaginable goals by putting yourself out there.

Marco V.

The course was very stimulating, a new way of studying for someone who has studied in the traditional way all her life and still wants to learn new things and pass them on to others.

Patrizia F.

Very innovative course for such an effective technique. It would be nice to distribute it through scholarships for students. It’s helpful to spread the knowledge of our true abilities, which are limited by the system.

Laura D.

I find the application of the three-dimensional reading method beneficial.

Mario B.

Useful and stimulating, it opens new horizons. Original and creative.

Chicco P.

I find it very interesting for its potential for reading and life.

Antonello C.

A stimulating course for the development of yourself and your potential. It helps you develop your sense of sight, but you can apply it to all the sense organs. It’s stimulating also to go beyond the way of considering ourselves as limited human beings.

Angela C.

It is a very interesting course, both for the main subject and for all the secondary topics covered, the technique was very well explained.

Andrea C.

It is a very interesting course, both for the main subject and for all the secondary topics covered, the technique was very well explained.

Agnese Maria L. F.

A good course, I’ll use for my professionals life and other.

Pasquale L.

Enlightening! It opens the mind to a new way of reading and much more!

Marina M.

I am very optimistic and confident that it works, as I have sensations, listening to my body.

Rosario P.

Very interesting. It would be wonderful to work sharing and discuss these topics out of the course as well.

Valeria B.

I liked it very much, interesting, I wish I was 13, but I’m sure it will also help me at this stage of life. I’m a troglodyte.

Laura A.

I attended the course with an open mind, ready to absorb new information, and I was pleasantly impressed by the result I got after only three days of training!

Maria Sara C.

The course was fantastic for me!

Fabio B.

Very enlightening, more than I could expect.

Alberto P.

Fantastic course, organised and held with much professionalism.

Rino D. C.

Fascinating topics were discussed during the course, and I know that by continuing to train as I am already doing, I will achieve exceptional results!

Michele C.

Engaging, innovative, and enlightening, I need to go back to being a playful child to be freer and lighter. I feel different now, new and growing.

Stefania G.

If you lower your boundaries, you will also learn to read inside yourself to ask yourself the right questions, accepting that the answers will come at the right time.

Angela B.

Very useful and beautiful course. I recommend it to everyone

Simone P.

I’m not overstating if I say that this course holds huge potential!

Gabriele B.

I found it interesting beyond belief.

Luca S.

Spectacular! I was already fascinated on the first day; it opened up a world to me! I absolutely recommend it to everyone.

Selena B.

Excellent, it opens up a world that is not limited to reading and studying but teaches you a different attitude towards life.

Laura V.

The course was very interesting and exciting. I also appreciated the spiritual insights.

Roberto C.

The course is challenging because it is not just about the technique, but its strength is precisely this. Very well structured, with moments of reassurance placed at the right time (I’m writing this for the doubters and sceptics!).

Romina A.

To say that it is interesting is belittling. To say that it only teaches you a new method of reading is not exhaustive. To say that it changes the perspective of your way of reading is just the beginning of the things you can change in your life… It is a step towards a new direction, thank you very much. 

Simonetta V.

It is not just a reading course. It is incisive and works on several levels: it embraces several spheres of life, and in addition to an improvement in life it aims to sow the seeds for a possible evolution… if you are ready to embrace it. This is the most significant contribution I have received from the course.

Paola O.

Definitely useful, exciting, full of ideas not related to the course!

Andrea B.

Beyond expectations! Enlightening, I’m sure it will help me in life, as well as in reading.

Matteo B.

A wonderful technique that improves the life of each of us.

Giacomo S. L.

The course was very interesting and exciting. I also really liked the spiritual insights treated.

Roberto C.

I’m sure that I’ll get very far, also because I’ve already made great steps. The course is very nice and effective!

Massimo T.

Very useful, interesting for working on myself, beyond all expectations. I leave with the desire to use the technique to learn as much as possible.

Osiria P.

Amazing, revolutionary, a revelation.

Maria Cristina B.

Very interesting, gives useful messages to think about.

Alice A.

It’s the beginning of a beautiful journey! Interesting and opens you to new perspectives. 

Silvia P.

Interesting, the first step of “something more”. It’s very well organized, rich and satisfying content, too bad it lasts only three days.

Luca B.

It opens your mind and makes you understand the infinite possibilities of people’s evolution, their abilities that go beyond what we have been taught.

Elisa C.

I had no expectations, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease with which I got and practised the method taught at the course.

Amalia V.

The course is beautiful and valuable, not only for the technique but also to open your mind in all areas of life.

Anita B.

I think it’s great, because you learn a method that changes how you see things. It’s a study method that will change your life.

Giovanna V.

Enlightening: I was totally ignorant on the subject, and it opened up a world to me which, I’m sure, will help me grow as a person.

Elisa M.

I think it’s an opportunity for each of us: it starts from a concrete need to improve a situation (at school, work, etc.). Then, it enables you to evolve, know yourself better, and to live happily!

Silvia G.

I think it’s great, because you learn a method that changes how you see things. It’s a study method that will change your life.

Ciobanu B.

Fascinating, intuitive insights to read remembering what I read. I am thrilled to have had this experience because it allows me to investigate the innermost parts of myself!

Paolo P.

Fantastic, it’s not just a reading method but a way of life.

Marica C.

Very interesting, and that’s just the beginning!

Lodovico P.

A strong course! Useful and revolutionary.

Veronica V.

A new world! A new tool to expand my knowledge, I reactivated the hope of achieving new personal and professional goals.

Rosa R.

It was enlightening, as I would never have thought I could use my inner energy to read… But, of course, I was already using energy and affirmations, but not reading in this way.

Maria Grazia B.

Beyond expectations! Enlightening, I’m sure it will help me in life, as well as in reading.

Matteo B.

I found the course very interesting for my evolution.

Marco L.

Very interesting, with valuable insights for my life, to evolve and become more self-aware.

Cristina T.

It gives you the possibility to open up, the confidence to let go of what you already know in your subconscious.

Nicola S.

Beautiful, much more than I expected. The content is definitely valuable, real magic. Every person who wants to outdo themselves in some way should attend it. Very good.

Marina C.

It is one of those things that can change your life if you are willing to go with the flow without any prejudice. I’m extremely grateful for having participated, I attended the course to pass exams at university, and I’m going back home with the goal of changing my whole life.

Giada M.

The term “course” is belittling from my point of view. It’s just the tip of the iceberg! However, if I had to comment only on the training methods and the technique, I would say absolutely spectacular.

Mario D. L.

I came to the course sure that it would be a success, and so it was… I’ve just remembered many things from the books I read in these three days.

Fiorenza D. A.

Enlightening, I am happy to have chosen this course and given myself a chance to change and learn this new technique to improve myself.

Rosa F.

It was exciting. During one phase I discovered with wonder that the book answered a question, or rather an inner need of mine to turn my life around.

Nadia M.

The course was formative, performing, profound, enlightening, innovative.

Fiorenza D.

It opens up infinite possibilities. Even for those like me who are mature, there are wonderful possibilities.

Patrizia T.

Excellent system to process ourselves and our lives.

Alessandro V.

Extremely useful and very interesting, I recommend it to anyone willing to improve themselves and their surroundings. There is a simple way to describe it: enlightening.

Marina G.

I had already started the course enthusiastic about the possibility of learning a new technique, and now I am not only overflowing with joy but also with gratitude for having learned a system that allows me to get in touch with my deeper self. An invaluable teaching on the path to awareness

Roberta C.

A fantastic, life-changing experience if practised well. I would recommend it to everyone, young and old, because it is so much more than just a reading technique. A system to increase awareness and improve one’s life. I return home enriched with the intention to take action.

Sonia B.

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