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Innovative for the mind and heart. Enlightening for those who want to evolve.

Antonio S.

I think it’s a unique experience of its kind, where you can relate your life experiences with a different and unique method, where you open mental channels that allow you to reach a goal more efficiently.

Giuliana R.

It is very innovative and effective, and it will simplify the lives of millions of people.

Leonardo C.

It’s cool! Excuse the expression, but I can’t find a better way to describe it. It’s a big thing and a quantum leap. I wish all children could learn this method.

Serena S.

The course is innovative, practical and useful, very very nice.

Stefano S.

I came to this course full of curiosity, without really knowing what it was all about. What a pleasant surprise to discover all this! It can change your life on many levels. It’s not a reading course but a life course!

Viola B.

This is enlightening. It came to me at just the right time! It opens your mind and pushes you to grow personally. There is much to explore on so many levels.

Dorina M.

Interesting, useful at all levels, complete because it is just about teaching a technique but a global approach to life.

Silvia R.

The basis for a path that will allow me and hopefully many others to make us even more aware of our abilities.

Samuele V.

The course took place in an excellent environment, full of notions and insights, held in a friendly atmosphere. I believe that the technique is useful for all aspects of life.

Maria Grazia B.

A change of life and perspective, an opportunity to completely illuminate the “culture of complaints”. Learn, live, transmit.

Catia A.

I arrived without imagining what was waiting for me. Instead, I found well-prepared staff members and an innovative method that I don’t know how to put it in words. I’ve been waiting for this forever; this is an innovative and revolutionary technique.

Katia A.

This is a course that everyone of any age should attend. It’s an opportunity to get rid of the conditioning accompanying us throughout our lives. Here you can choose to start creating your recipe for happiness. It gives you the tools to recognise the right ingredients. Thank you.

Thinily B.

I came with a great desire to learn. Unfortunately, I tend to be very critical of myself and often distrust my ability to change. However, in this course, I found the correct stimuli to give me the courage I was lacking.

Annamaria G.

Useful for anyone who wants to learn something new about themselves.

Riccardo D.

I want to go home and read lots of books and know and learn more and more.

Maria S.

The course is important to start on a new path of personal growth. 

Nadia M.

The course was very interesting and has awakened my desire to expand my knowledge. I am looking forward to experimenting with various topics.

Barbara M.

An essential course for life and deepening self-awareness. I think it’s a valid tool for self-transformation, like a bow that allows you to “dart” who you are.

Maria Grazia R.

It’s a course that opens your mind and really invites you to let go of your beliefs to live new experiences.

Matteo D.

The course was fun, and it is structured in a very practical way, easy to assimilate.

Quintino C.

Useful for everyone and all ages, it helps you work on an inner level too.

Giorgia M.

It’s a course that enriches you so much as a person and as a worker and/or a student.

Martina D.

It’s really well structured: it’s both a course that helps us read quickly and a path within ourselves. Thank you all for the beautiful experience and for your ability to make us feel at ease as in a family.

Valentina C.

A wonderful experience that enriched me not only from an educational point of view but also from an emotional one. You managed to open my mind and improve me 360 degrees. It was wonderful, thank you very much.

Irene B.

The course was like a breath of fresh air. I went back home with some tools and most of all the desire and curiosity to learn and want more and more from life. So to conclude in three words, I would say that this course is rediscovery, vitality, emotion.

Serena B.

You come here to be able to read a book in an hour after three days of the course. But in the end, you actually leave here knowing that you know nothing about yourself and your real potential. You come as a loser with wrong expectations, and you leave as an aspiring superhero.

Federico F.

The course is very useful and well structured, the time for the exercises is sufficient. The staff follows you in a professional and attentive way. I also appreciate the help of the tutors after the course. Satisfactory online content.

Giulia M.

An “electroshock” course for my personal growth, it lit not only a spark but a real fire for my evolution. I listened to myself and reordered the “inside” to tidy up everything around me. Thank you!

Nadia C.

An innovative course, a starting point on which to work a lot. We didn’t learn anything because we already know everything. We only discovered that we are capable of it! The course opened my mind and encouraged us not to limit ourselves because we don’t have limits!

Michele C.

Fantastic, I came “only” to read faster, and a world of new potential has opened up to me. It helps me try to be the best version of myself day by day. Thank you all.

Elena M.

It was truly amazing. Everything that seemed like a utopia to me has now been confirmed: not only 3D reading but the fact that I was able to activate my unconscious memory! I cannot overlook the professionalism, friendliness and patience of all of you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Roberto P.

A dynamic and fun course! We got involved, and it shattered our convictions! You are fantastic, thank you!

Bruna A.

An exciting course that helps you let go, become a child again and reflect on yourself. A beautiful course. It’s worth it

Giorgia S.

I personally find it very useful, and by applying the technique correctly, we managed to do many things that we were convinced we couldn’t do.

Nicolas S.

Only by participating and believing in it can you understand that “miracles” are tangible and real! You have to “LIVE” this course… Thank you and see you soon!

Stefania F.

Very interesting! It opens the mind and teaches how to use the extraordinary capacities of our brain that normally remain a mystery. The method and the technique are also easily applicable in daily life, not only to facilitate reading and study but to find an authentic connection with our most profound and wisest being. Thank you!

Maria Cristina V.

Absolutely extraordinary and fundamental for growing, evolving and regaining the right dimension of time. For those who can’t swim, staying afloat seems impossible. For those who can it’s normal: 3D reading works the same way!

Carlo M.

The course is exciting. It offers a lot of ideas to go beyond what we are. It is a course that requires and gives you a lot of energy.

Marta B.

Impressive, I want to recommend it to everyone, we all need it especially to expand our views and knowledge

Ilaria M.

The course has allowed me to enrich myself with something I didn’t know I had. Incredible! Thank you for helping us. I will work on it

Luca M.

Deep, stimulating, engaging, exciting, gives confidence.

Cristina P.

Enlightening, shockingly evolutionary!

Maurizio C.

Very interesting and enlightening.

Michela M.

Stimulating, extremely useful! I would recommend it to anyone.

Leonardo V.

It exceeded my expectations, providing concrete methods and tools.

Davide B.

The course I was expecting! My son Tommaso attended the Change Your Life Camp in July, amazing!

Silvia A.

Interesting, practical, inspiring!

Ilenia E.

Enlightening, indispensable for everyone.

Sabrina P.

I think it is a course for everyone. I am happy to have attended it.

Francesca C.

Fantastic! Getting to know each other and activating our abilities is a great opportunity for me and a great desire that I’m slowly achieving. Thank you!

Giovanna Z.

Very interesting! Definitely a great possibility for me, for my awareness and teaching profession. Thank you very much!

Raffaella P.

The course was very interesting. I’m sure it will open many doors for me. During these three days I met some really interesting people.

Ottorino F.

I think that the 3D reading technique is an extraordinary tool and that everyone should at least be aware of its existence. As for the course that has just finished, I’m really happy to have taken part in it.

Giacomo T.

I think it’s one of the best gifts I have ever received, a crazy experience, it was beautiful, deep, intense, challenging, fun! Personally, I’ve never spent 3 days locked inside a hotel, getting up early and being happy to be there and learning the most beautiful gift ever! Thank you very much.

Zara D.

This course is magical, intense, wonderful, pure love! A new self-discovery, a new way of being and doing. It gives you so many tools to use in any moment of your life, in any situation, it’s a new way to study more effectively and faster. Thank you very much for the opportunity!

Maria Daniela D.

Exciting and stimulating for one’s personal growth, I think it can provide valuable tools for an evolutionary path suitable for any personal level.

Stefania B.

Amazing! I was amazed by the method and capabilities of the human being. The only limits are our preconceptions. The course allowed me to learn to marvel at the human mind.

Marco D.

This is an efficient, innovative, fantastic learning method! I found a really wide application potential, and the deep mind is really powerful.

Lorenzo M.

This is a course for awakening consciousness, finding one’s essence, and an incredible technique for the three-dimensional reading.

Marina M.

I think it was an exciting training activity and this way will help me with my studies.

Andrea B.

Enlightening, held simply and pleasantly, while providing tools that allow you to go in-depth.

Sabrina F.

An innovative course, what we’ve learned is almost unbelievable. We could definitely get the best out of it for us and what we want to build in the future.

Simona F.

It has been an emotionally intense course, uncontrollable. I have to put back together the 1000 pieces of me. I’m sure I’ll hit the target.

Barbara G.

It has been an emotionally intense journey, an uncontrollable experience. I have to put those 1000 pieces of me back together. I’m sure I’ll reach my goal.

Lori R.

Beautiful! I’ve learned many things that I would never have imagined. Now I know I’m capable of more than I thought. I’ve also gained more confidence in my abilities.

Giulia A.

A new world opens up. Knowledge is diving into the non-visible world as a tool to better live relationships with others, but most of all, to better know myself and how I function.

Federico P.

There are no words to express the emotion, the satisfaction of having learnt the L3D method. I thank you for the opportunity you gave me, for having projected in this world my inner world that has been asleep for 57 years so far.

Massimiliano D.

Incredible and unimaginable experience, I would have never thought that the human mind had such potential and probably could do even more.

Stefania M.

I found the course very interesting and, in some ways, even enlightening. It ranges over any topic, opens new horizons, creates new opportunities.

Gaia Z.

The three-dimensional reading method is exciting, perfectly structured and easy to follow.

Andrea T.

It enriches you in all ways, it challenges you, and it is as if it allows you to get to know yourself better!

Viola A.

I feel very enthusiastic and amazed at the same time! This course is very important.

Lorena C.

I found it very practical and accessible. I think this course is really useful for everyone.

Valeria Alessandra C.

Structured, there is a balance between theoretical explanations and practical exercises.

Alex C.

It helped me grow personally. It was also good fun!

Felix J.

Very interesting! Something that really changes lives.

Alessandro T.

Very interesting, really formative and practical!

Federico G.

Stimulating, interesting, useful, exciting!

Greta P.

Excellent course, very practical.

Maria Angela R.

Excellent course, very practical.

Francesca L.

Excellent! Balanced, motivating.

Francesco A.

Very interesting, magical!

Giovanni C.

Definitely interesting, special!

Lorena M.

An extraordinary course!

Giorgio P.

It’s a great opportunity, the best I had in my life!

Silvia Rina S.

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