This course was a wonderful surprise. The exercises quickly allow you to learn the technique. I was amazed when I was able to tell the book I had just read, mentioning details I would never have remembered with the classic reading technique. Thanks.

Amato Roberto B.

Beautiful experience, very useful for students. It made me want to enrol at university. I recommend it to everyone. It’s a great tool. Thank you, everyone. I hope to repeat the experience and deepen it in the future.

Natalia M.

I’m an overthinker, very rational in the way I live, and it’s not easy to let myself go and unlock my intuition. But today, I managed to achieve my goals, which was very important to me. This is the beginning of a change… I didn’t think I could read a 220-page book and remember it, so I’m very happy.

Giovanni M.

This course is very interesting and useful in life, not only for the reading part, but also for our self-development and inner work. It’s a new way to expand our outlook on the world.

Manila T.

I will definitely recommend it to my friends because it has opened up a world. I prepared for the last exam with this technique, and I found out that I learned a lot. I was able to remember everything I read. Thank you.

Riccardo D.M.

This experience exceeded my best expectations. My goal was to read many books on naturopathy and esotericism, which have always been my passions. In addition to reaching my goal, I discovered a great, competent teacher. He has great knowledge concerning the potential of our minds. I hope to undertake with Filippo many other courses on personal growth.

Nadia S.

I had always felt deep faith and trust in my intuitive mind. Thanks to this course, I can constantly experience the goodness of my “deep mind” and its infinite kindness. Thank you.

Giovanna C.

It’s a fantastic technique that opened my mind and helped me understand our infinite possibilities. The time spent with the staff members and the students was precious to grow and become more self-aware. The staff members are both exceptional and very kind.

Gelsomina M.

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