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The course was great, eye-opening. I enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot. I’m looking forward to practicing the method and where I could be in 6 months.

Christopher G.

London, September 2023

I really appreciate how beneficial the course is in many aspects. It exceeded my expectations. It has helped me deepen my understanding. It has been an excellent experience.

The teacher was very inspiring, she communicated well, I loved her energy. She made it very easy to receive.

Joseph S.

London, September 2023

The course was intense and interesting. I liked the machine analogy and how our false personality was holding us back. I would recommend the course. The teacher was fun to listen to. She delivered the method well. She was very knowledgeable on the subject.

Ago U.

London, September 2023

The course was very insightful and packed with actionable insights. The teacher is knowledgeable, experienced and patient. Staff members were nice, warm and helpful.

Emmanuel E.

London, September 2023

Very informative. Magical learning lesson. Awaken my desider for more learning.

The teacher was excellent, very good delivery and explanations. Staff members were polite, friendly, welcoming and helpful.

Manish C.

London, September 2023

It is wonderful to know that these 3 days are just the beginning of gaining limitless knowledge in a very quick way.

All three of the teachers were very nice. They have a lot of patience and they don’t mind repeating.

Nicolette V.

London, September 2023

The course is very good and informative. The method is very fascinating and will help me achieve my objectives. The teacher was very patien and knoeldgeble with lots of advice – good advice.

All the staff members were very good, happy, helpful and very knowledgeable.

Pravin P.

London, September 2023

The course was simply great, interesting and life-changing.

The teacher was truly fantastic. Staff members were brilliant.

Gerald O.

London, September 2023

I think the course was great, I loved learning the method, but it was also very intensive.

Teachers were great and everything they explained was very clear. Staff members were very friendly and great!

Thys L.

London, September 2023

This is the most mindblowing course I have ever done. And I have done many. Transformational!

The teacher was brilliant! Knowledgeable, approachable and also humble. I love the staff members. Extremely well prepared, fun, capable, professional and so kind.


Jessica G.

London, September 2023

The course was excellent. Much more than I expected. The teacher was excellent, many instructors know the subject but are not good teachers, my teacher in this course was an excellent one, she understands how to actually transfer knowledge to the students.

Staff members were very professional.

Michael T.

London, September 2023

The course was very informative and has confirmed my journey of learning into the new world. It has linked into all the inner guidance throughout the years. I had not idea that it would link into my higher self. This has been the teaching I’ve been waiting for.

Both of the teachers were brilliant. All the staff members are filled with brilliance of Love. I’m leaving filled with positivity

Patricia M.

London, September 2023

Enlightining. A lot of information. Good sequence, well built up. I am enthusiastic to learn more and master the method. The teacher is passionate, well informed (answers all the questions), patient. Staff members were very welcoming, friendly, open to everybody, helping hands.

Chantal L.

London, September 2023

Great beginning to master a new method. Looking forward to utilising it and making this method my own. The teacher is very dedicated and committed..

Arno L.

London, September 2023

Something completely new and revolutionary, worthy of being experienced with great enthusiasm.

Giampaolo Z.

Very interesting and stimulating. I’m thrilled to have participated in the course!

Marcella A.

Engaging, motivating, completed other courses I’ve attended in the past. I made the unknown known.

Marisa C.

I found it very fascinating, useful, enlightening and I would recommend it to everyone.

Isabel M.

Beautiful, visionary, useful, clear.

Guglielmina D. V.

Stimulating, fascinating, it opens up on the truths of life known to the Masters of all times, available in a simple and practical way.

Gabriella B.

I think that in perspective it can improve the reality in which we live, the society in which we live, the state in which we live, the world in which we live. The course digs a lot and helps you by raising awareness.

Luca B.

Stimulating, fascinating, it opens up on the truths of life known to the Masters of all times, available in a simple and practical way.

Gabriella B.

Very interesting, it allowed me to learn a new system to use the mind in a more effective and productive way.

Alessandro C.

Fantastic, it opened up my mind to new ideas and sparked my desire to do something new. In addition, the method itself is amazing and inspires you to take action in your life, which makes the difference..

Stefano L.

The course is useful to increase the speed of learning new subjects and everything that stimulates your curiosity.

Devis B.

A path of awareness that made me discover the potential we can exploit not to live asleep. It was what I was looking for at the moment..

Samuele T.

I strongly believe that this is a path to be promoted at all ages. I think that connecting to your deep intuitive mind is the turning point for maturity that humanity needs in this particular historical moment.

Luca N.

The course is stimulating, engaging and concrete. What seems absurd, surreal or unbelievable at the beginning quickly takes shape under the expert guidance of the teacher.

Roberta V.

Thanks to this course, first of all I have met beautiful and interesting people, each with their own story and desires. I was also able to learn better how not only our physical body works, but also the etheric part, the energy that flows through us. I am truly grateful for the method I learned. I am sure that from now on a new reality will open up to me, where the old Anna is forgiven and left in the past. I feel curious and enthusiastic to seize all the new opportunities coming with this new method.

Anna A.

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