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I strongly believe that this is a path to be promoted at all ages. I think that connecting to your deep intuitive mind is the turning point for maturity that humanity needs in this particular historical moment..

Debora C.

I found it very interesting and exciting, despite my personal struggles. I’m sure that from now on my life will change..

Svetlana Z.

I really enjoyed this 3-day seminar: I was looking for tools to make the most of my potential and I think I found them. Now keep growing is up to me.

Anna F.

I really liked the vitality of this course. My biggest concern was focusing on a single book for a whole day, but I was happily surprised.

Francesca P.

Extremely useful and interesting, I would even say engaging in some ways. I think it’s one of the two most important courses I’ve attended so far.

Stefano P.

I am thrilled! I go home with a very valuable tool that I can implement tomorrow! Finally a real support for my projects!

Roberta C.

I learned very important and useful knowledge not only for implementing the technique for fast and effective reading, but also because it can be applied to other areas of life.

Francesca B.

Outstanding. I came here with no expectations but with a great desire to improve myself in order to live a better life and be an example to others. I knew that the method works but now I want to master it in everyday life.

Antonella S.

The course is inspiring and built on solid foundations. It requires constant practice, determination and self-confidence. I feel supported. It is a unique opportunity for growth, human value, freedom.

Mauro S.

Many insights and ideas for deeper knowledge on how we function. An opportunity to make a space of silence in our mind.

Deborah C.

I hope that I will be able to get my results with the right perseverance because, despite my difficulties, I was helped in my work and was therefore able to attend the course successfully. I believe it was a very positive experience.

Federico M.

Excellent course. I thought I was participating in a reading course, but it turned out to be an awareness course. Thank you. You have awakened that desire to do things well.

Maurizio C.

I think it is very useful because it gives you a remarkable change of perspective and not only that. It also gives you the awareness of how much we limit ourselves, understanding that we can use parts of us that were unknown until today.

Alessia M.

The course was a wonderful experience, I understood better how to work on myself, I found a method that opened up a beautiful world to me. I’m managing to find the motivation to study, I recommend it to anyone.

Valentina C.

A very exciting experience, I had been waiting for a long time before attending it and I’m very happy to be here. I recommend it to everyone who wants to change their lives.

Luana U.

I can’t wait to master the method and apply it to my life. I want to utilise it for what I love by making music, and I will share my results with you.

Akira K.

Enlightening and necessary. In fact, I believe it’s absolutely essential for everyone. It should be spread as much as possible, very motivating. Well structured and accessible, easy to use.

Cristina P.

It was very inspiring, the importance of motivating yourself and concentrating before starting the reading, believing in yourself. The deep mind and the functioning of the various centres of the body were also interesting.

Cecilia D.

Beyond the technique, which is incredible, this course gave me great enthusiasm and essential skills. I am delighted, and I can’t wait to apply this technique to all my books and more!

Patrizia P.

An excellent method to connect with your deep mind.

Nicodemo V.

Intense and enlightening, I fulfilled a dream that I had been chasing for a long time. It opened up a world to me, and I found out that all the resources were already inside of me. It was a liberating experience, three days without talking or thinking about the hard time we are living. It was wonderful.

Claudia P.

Wonderful. It should be taught at school. It’s a journey, the beginning for many, for others, a confirmation that it’s good. It’s beyond the three-dimensional reading method.

Mario B.

It is an unforgettable experience! Instead of a course, it is a growth path and an enlightening course! I will practice what I learned over my life.

Aurora D.

This course was not just a course. It was much more than that. It was a journey that gradually led me to work on myself and my focus. Even before learning the reading method, this course encouraged me to do inner work.

Fabiola D.

Very useful and deep, this was what I was looking for.

Angela Z.

I think it will be very useful for my life. Now I want to learn the Italian language well.

Lorena D.

The course has pleasantly surprised and enriched me a lot. So I’d recommend it to anyone to improve their in-depth knowledge and speed up their reading and improve their attitudes and abilities.

Angelica A.

The course was very useful to discover parts of myself that I didn’t know well.

Josè Rosendo C. M.

It has been a good source of information. It’s a good incentive to continue and a good basis for growth, so expectations for the future are high.

Gabriella G.

The course is very well structured and intense. In addition to the three-dimensional reading method, it teaches us to re-evaluate our way of thinking, inspire self-confidence, give ourselves the right value, and rediscover potential that has been asleep until now. It is a fantastic course that I would recommend to anyone.

Annarita C.

I believe that these days have been well spent. I was a little concerned about spending three days away from my family, but I am very grateful to have done so. I trust the method and my ability to get excellent results. I want to apply and experiment, or rather play. Books have always been a perfect companion for me, and I will enjoy reading even more from now on.

Federica P.

Very intense course, on the whole, very interesting and allows you to explore new horizons. The method seems to be very effective, of course, you need to practice it a lot, but by being consistent I’m sure I’ll improve day after day.

Matteo A.

I found it extremely engaging and fascinating. I was a bit sceptical at first, then I got more and more involved, and I finished the course with great enthusiasm.

Enzo Roberto L.

I feel very satisfied and fascinated. I need to train and deepen the method and the view of this new world. Thank you.

Fabrizio P.

It’s a life-changing course, it helps you discover your inner self and listen to it. Not only does it allow you to learn a thought-provoking method, but it also allows you to rediscover yourself and that inner child that has been asleep because of your environment and limiting beliefs.

Nicolas T.

A tool with huge potential that opens up a new world. An important step for personal evolution… I’ll make sure to develop it with exercises at home. I rediscovered the knowledge learned over other training experiences, integrated with harmony and effectiveness.

Silvia R.

A tool with huge potential that opens up a new world. An important step for personal evolution… I’ll make sure to develop it with exercises at home. I rediscovered the knowledge learned over other training experiences, integrated with harmony and effectiveness.

Francesca G.

I think it was very helpful. I feel that the results will come in the next few days. I deeply believe that this is the right way to test my answers.

Emanuele O.

Very interesting, stimulating.

Camilla Cristina P.

I am absolutely satisfied.I’m 100% sure that it will work because I’m convinced of the effectiveness of the method and the rules that it dictates in its operation. Moreover, being a yogini, I’m very open to hear about energy, the deep mind, the potential of each of us and the very ancient spiritual foundations.

Cinzia B.

Interesting, so stimulating for a new learning approach. I need to start training my mind in a different way.

Laura C.

Very stimulating, exciting. has provided me with tools to optimize the process of study and knowledge. An excellent starting point for inner reflection and self-knowledge.

Eleonora M.

Beautiful and really exciting. I would have preferred to do it with my kids, who are more fun and closer to the truth!

Massimo C.

Different from what I expected, still exciting. I still haven’t understood what’s going to happen in me but I’m very confident I will succeed. I need to start stretching my mind, in a different way.

Miriam C.

Interesting, productive. A work on myself that will bring benefits. Exciting!

Fabio F.

Teaching a powerful method that stirs what lies deep within, i.e. a set of techniques, behaviours and vision that help you get rid of what is unnecessary to make way for the creation of a “I am happy”.

Elisabetta Z.

I really enjoyed the course, I saw that I had already been doing certain things for many years to work on myself but now I have more tools to strengthen my will and improve myself.

Paola D.

An engaging and exciting course, I am determined to follow the path of consolidation of the Technique and use it for personal knowledge and study.

Antonietta C.

Learning new methods and new worlds to expand your knowledge and tactics was very interesting.

Giulia G.

In addition to learning 3D reading there is a world, or rather a universe, to discover within us.

Nicodemo B.

A very impressive course for overcoming your limits and breaking down mental barriers.

Lisa M.

It was a wonderful experience where I learned a new way of looking at things. I thank you because I feel free from the wrong beliefs I had.

Michela B.

It opens up a new world. Knowledge is about diving into the world of the non-visible as a tool to better live relationships with others, but above all to better know myself and how I function.

Federico P.

The course is enlightening, amazing. Over the training path you realise how many rules and conditioning you have received, how relaxing and being in the present is little considered in everyday life. I absolutely recommend this course to everyone.

Lisa M.

It is a wonderful experience in itself, I learned the rules of the 3D reading technique that I am really curious to deepen and take to another level.

Lucilla F.

Well-structured, the trainer managed to create a trusting environment, which is essential to start a turnaround, i.e. the activation of techniques that have allowed me to access the resources of my deep mind and start to exploit them in relation to a precise objective within a set time.

Alessandra C.

Interesting and very useful in life not only for reading, but for introspection and personal growth, a new way to improve our view of the world.

Manila T.

Not just a course. It’s a school of life!!!

Rosa R.

It was an interesting and enlightening experience, three intense but light and fun days.

Rachele T.

Very interesting, extremely informative and comprehensive.

Fabio P.

It is a fantastic technique that made me understand the infinite potential of the mind and the infinite human possibilities. I’m extremely happy to have come into contact with this new world.  I can’t wait to explore it.

Gelsomina M.

A truly in-depth course that allowed me to rely on my sensitivity, intuition and wisdom. I believe that this is the greatest lesson I will take home, even more precious than learning the technique. The technique is fantastic and will enable me to read and learn everything I couldn’t read so far due to the lack of time. Thank you

Stefania P.

The opportunity to change your life and culture must be available to everyone. A coherent and self-aware world is a better world. Thank you very much; the value of this course cannot be quantified in money. The immense value of this opportunity has the power to change your life for the better. Thank you, thank you.

Elena ed Elia T.

An exciting and innovative course, not only will it allow me to find a super fast way to read, but it will help me gain new insights useful for my evolution. Thank you.

Michela B.

It has taught me that the only limit I have is myself, and that I lack nothing to satisfy the desire to expand my knowledge if I use the method, believing in it, thank you very much.

Neusa T. C.

Fantastic course, I would like to go back when I was 20 to redo everything I did in less time, it would be the most extraordinary thing possible, now I’m making up for the lost time.

Maria Grazia D. G.

Interesting, if you practice effectively what this course suggests, it leads you to freedom.

Carla B.

It’s the most exciting and innovative course I’ve ever attended! Thank you.

Silvia T.

It was very useful for my growth path, especially useful for reordering ideas.

Eleonora B.

I attended it for the second time, and I must say that not only do you have the opportunity to optimise the phases and technique, but you also have the chance to consolidate and embody the concepts that you missed the first time due to distraction or performance anxiety. So 100% recommended, thank you very much.

Fabio C.

It is exciting, intriguing, and great for us adults because it helps us deconstruct and change our way of learning to relate to reality. I like activating the magic sphere to relax.

Maria Vittoria C.

I felt attracted by the course, without having any information about the people who were holding it, and I came without expectations and received great information and teachings. Thank you. It’s not just a reading course. It’s a bridge to a real life worth living.

Cinzia M.

I have always had a lot of faith and trust in the subconscious. Thanks to the course, I perceived the constant presence of the goodness of the deep mind and its continuous and infinite generosity. Thank you.

Giovanna C.

A very interesting experience, three days of sharing different teachings and experiences, I came out much more enriched with very useful information for life.

Barbara P.

The course is interesting and above all very nourishing. I really wanted to do something for myself, my expectations were low, but now I would like to apply everything I learned, thank you, thank you all.

Annamaria R.

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