Filippo Rossi

Founder of the Three-Dimensional Reading Method

After graduating from high school, Dr. Rossi studied Medicine and Surgery in Padua (Italy) and during his academic studies he obtained all national and international certifications in the fields of Communication, Organisation and Corporate Strategy.

His training includes the study and application of NLP, Mental Dynamics, INA and SDP methods, DHE, etc…

He had the chance to work as a business consultant for several high-profile companies helping them get the most of their business through cutting-edge strategies and organisational tools.

During 20 years of research, he devised a unique and innovative Accelerated Learning Method called ‘Three-Dimensional Reading’, combining the most advanced neuroscience discoveries on the functioning of the brain and ancient teachings.

In 2012 he started teaching the Three-Dimensional Reading and year after year he taught more and more learners how to unlock the power of their brains successfully, reading hundreds of pages in a short period of time and getting at least 80% of the content.

Today the Three-Dimensional Reading is a method broadly known and shared in Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, learned by thousands of students every year.

He is currently developing the educational Project ‘AND Academy’, in which teachers from all over Europe compare, study and share the best learning methods and educational models that will subsequently be shared free of charge in all schools around the world of all levels.

3D Reading Programme

Learn to read 300 pages in 1 hour, remembering the content in the long term.
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