The 3D Reading Programme

The result of 20 years of deep research on the brain functioning, the Three-Dimensional Reading programme is a learning journey designed to get extraordinary results by activating the hidden power of the intuitive mind.

Taught in 4 different countries (Italy, Spain, the UK and France) for over 10 years, the Three-Dimensional Reading is transforming how people learn, getting the most of their inner talents.

Who's this for?

Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Gain the knowledge that makes the difference for your business and career in a few hours


Learn to prepare for your exams in 1/5 of the time getting the highest marks

People who have a growth mindset

Learn to unlock the full potential of your brain, getting the most of your hidden talents

Activate your intuitive mind, your hidden, uncharted potential​


The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.

Leonardo da Vinci

The 3D Reading Programme

+ 4 weeks of exercises

3-day in-person course

> Introduction to the intuitive mind
> How the Human Mind REALLY Works
> The 3D Reading method
> How memory REALLY works
> Technique for achieving high levels of concentration
> Technique for deep relaxation
> Reading, studying and learning at maximum speed

“Foreign Language Programme” lasting 6-8 weeks

(even if you start from SCRATCH or you are not good at languages)

Videos on training techniques and strategies

(so you can review the Method whenever you prefer after the course for 1 year)

“12 books in 30 days” Programme

> Choose right NOW the 12 books you want to read after the 3 days!
> You will read 3 books a week for 4 weeks

21 books in 21 days Programme

(you will master the method in an excellent way)

1:1 Customised Coaching

(to be able to apply the method in every area of your life with confidence and effectiveness)

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