The Three-Dimensional Reading Programme

Learn how to read and study 300 pages in less than 1 hour retaining more than 80% of the information.

Learn how to read and study 300 pages in less than 1 hour retaining more than 80% of the information.

The Third Millennium Learning Programme

The result of 20 years of deep research on the brain functioning, the Three-Dimensional Reading programme is a learning journey designed to get extraordinary results by activating the hidden power of the intuitive mind.

Taught in 4 different countries (Italy, Spain, the UK and Switzerland) for over 10 years, the Three-Dimensional Reading is transforming how people learn, getting the most of their inner talents.

Who's this for?


Learn to prepare for your exams in 1/10 of the time getting the highest marks

Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Gain the knowledge that makes the difference for your business and career in a few hours

People who have a growth mindset

Learn to unlock the full potential of your brain, getting the most of your hidden talents

By utilising the Programme, you can:

Read 300 pages
in 1 hour, retaining 80% of the content

Get all the knowledge you need for your professional, academic and personal life

Unlock the talents
of your brain

Discover and develop the hidden power of your intuitive mind, activating your inner ability to learn. 

Reorganise information to quickly retrieve it

Learn to organise the information the proper and tidy way to easily recall it at need.

Activate your intuitive mind, your hidden, uncharted potential​


The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.

Leonardo da Vinci

Discover hundreds of the Three-Dimensional Reading Programme testimonials 

Discover the amazing results that Carlo got after the course.
Three-Dimensional Reading

What are the certified results?

By utilizing the Three-Dimensional Reading Programme, you can:

After some practice you can easily  reach the point where your read 300 pages in 1 hour retaining more than 80% of the information. This ability  allows you acquire precious information for your professional, academic and personal life, while saving valuable time.

Through the Programme you can easily learn thousands of new words every month and finally gain the fluency you would like to acquire in order to speak without hesitation and correctly.

It’s a method suitable for any language (whether it is European, Asian, etc.).

With the Three-Dimensional Reading Programme, you will be able to pass university exams and gain certifications very quickly, preparing the toughest tests in a few days and getting the highest marks.

We had the chance over the years to help the students of the most challenging universities, such as those of medicine, engineering, law, math, psychology, and many others.

Whether you want to make a career or develop a business, the Three-Dimensional Reading allows you to acquire any knowledge you need to achieve your goals.

You will be able to read what would normally require a life-time to be studied and comprehended, in just a few months.

This will enable to be provided with all the tools you need to reach your most desired and deserved objectives.

When applying the method, you have the chance to utilise techniques that allow you to reach the relaxed and focused state perfect for learning.

By getting advantage of the technique, book after book, you will experience a beautiful state of calmness and concentration that you can bring in your life on a daily basis, to live it to its fullest.

The Three-Dimensional Reading Programme

What it is

What it is not

The 3 key ingredients of the Programme

exclusive 3-day
in-person course

Discover how your memory works, learn every step of the method and read your first three books in a few hours. 

Access to the online portal

After the in-person course, you will get the access to the online portal to check all the professional videos that help you review the method

Life-long tutoring with experts

Once back home, apply the technique to master it, carefully guided by expert and passionate Three-Dimensional Reading experts.

The 3-day course programme:

1. Friday

The first day is dedicated to introductory exercises to learning the method, in particular you will learn and consolidate the ability to use peripheral gaze, also called divergent look. This ability is fundamental in order to learn the Method itself.

  • How our minds work: the rational mind and the intuitive mind
  • Explanation of the method: how the method works, the steps of the method
  • Exercises on peripheral vision: practical exercises to use the gaze in a divergent way
  • How is our mind structured and organised?

2. Saturday

During the second day we cover all the steps of the method, gaining theoretical and practical insights of every single part of it in detail.

  • Theoretical and practical learning of the first two phases of the Method
  • How Memory truly Works 
  • Technique for getting full concentration
  • Theoretical and practical learning of phases 3 and 4 of the Method
  • Reading the first book with the Three-Dimensional Reading Method
  • Relaxation Technique 1-2-3

3. Sunday

After developing the divergent gaze and covered all the parts of the method with many practical sessions, it’s time to read our 2 extra books with the method – so exciting!

  • Reading the second book with the Three-Dimensional Reading Method
  • Technique of Reading at Full Speed
  • Reading of the third book with the Three-Dimensional Reading Method
  • Conclusions and instructions for mastering the method during the following 4 weeks

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